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week in review 11-1-15

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This week, I will admit, was one of my favorite. We have been tasked with filming a documentary. My documentary is going to be called “The Love of Speed.” It is about a guy who as a teen had a bright future in the motocross world. Unfortunately, he broke his back and is forced to stay in a wheelchair. This has in no way hindered his love of speed. The only Complaint I have is that the film is only 2-4 minutes long. This greatly impacts the ability to effectively tell this story. That being said It has still been fun to work on it. So far I have put together a rough cut. I will also be adding some motion graphics and more effects to the riding portions of the mini documentary. In the mean time here are a few photos

mitchpull mtbsunset

Daily Creates 

For this weeks daily creates

I also did a third one however I am not very proud of it haha. Any way I cannot wait to show my documentary. Stay tuned

week in review Oct 25, 2015

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This week was an easy one. We were sort of left to our own devices. Most of my assignments revolved around design. I made a center fold advertisement, a Art piece and a poster using the likeness of my instructor, I hope he enjoy’s it.

Here is some of the weeks work and the links to go along



still bill poster


Here is a few links to the rest of my assignments



Daily Create’s for Oct 19 to the 25 of 2015

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This weeks daily create’s were sort of bland in my opinion, I waited tell Friday to start on them because I was waiting for a good one to came up but it never happens so I had to do the last three of the week so here are my weeks work.




Hopefully next week will have better daily create’s

Daily creates for the week of 10-4-2015

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This weeks daily creates, In my opinion were some of the best so far. I think that some of the daily creates took a little more effort than 10 or 15 minutes. However I didn’t think that was a bad thing. For my first daily create the assignment was to combine two of my favorite logo’s Mine were Red Bull and Jameson.

pirate story

daily create 9-20-15

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pirate story

This is my Daily create for 9-20 it is a pirate story. Or should I say a cautionary tail to lady’s out there. Don’t date a pirate.


daily create 9-15-15

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Here is a emo picture of our emo dog Henry. He is scared of everything that is not food and sleep



daily create 9-14-15

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Here is my daily create. I don’t know if this is a book you DON’T need but it was funny to me.





daily create 2065

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Daily Create the ocean at your back yard

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Write a short story about an ocean at the end of your backyard…

My story is more of a poem or a quip but here it is