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End of week review 9-20-15

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This is my end of week review video. and also links to each of my assignments

This is a review of a few movies that I choose to view and comment on


this is my paranormal picture as well as a little write up video on the photo


Assignment bank: digital tool tutorial


Assignment bank: 20 sec radio ad


This is a video Ad that was not assigned but I made up my own assignment bank assignment


daily create:




this is my photo blitz assignment


these are my reflections as a photographer:




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These are the photos for my 20 min photo blitz. There is nothing particularly technical about these pictures and the assignment doesn’t really have any basis in story telling. I think the idea of the photo blitz is ment to be fun however it just seemed to be busy work. At any rate here are my photos from the blitz. I hope you enjoy them. Also included is a link to the page of my blitz photos.



  • Your favorite smell.
  • Find a printed newspaper and make a photo any way you like!
  • A shadow in a way that makes it difficult to identify the object
  • Make a photograph with your camera at floor level.
  • Where would we be without tools? Take a photo of your most valued (non technology) tool.
  • Take a photo of something that makes you sick.
  • Take a picture of a word or sign that represents the kind of day you’re having.

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