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review for the week of 10-4-2015

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This week was a lot of work. The two assignments I would like to highlight are my website and also my info graphic. both I felt appropriate considering the week was about design. here are the links to my two assignments and also some images from the two assignments.





The one that started it all

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The first Alien movie, a movie near and dear to my heart. It is probably one of the earliest movies I can remember. Although it was a little before my time I can still remember the trailer for it “In space no one can hear you scream”

The sets on this move are designed pretty elaborately. although at first glance they seem kinda corny now. In 1979 they must have been ground breaking. One of the coolest prop’s in the movie was the alien tracker. It was a divice that emitted a high pitch noise sort of like sonar. oddly enough the display really doesn’t show any kind of useful info.

Some of the effects that were also really corny now days were, the chest bursting scene and also the face huggers themselves. but these seem to work effectively with the quality of cameras being used at the time I feel that the same scene design would never work with high definition cameras and the amount of scrutiny people apply to movies in 2015.


Lastly It is hard to tell if any kind of color grading has been applied. To be honest I could not say if that method was even used in 1979. It does seem that most of the scenes are very blue hue to them.