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orsen wells

With Out a Hitch

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This week we completed our radio show. It in my opinion it went off with out a hitch. I also think nick did a good job putting it all together. My part in all of this was to provide the interviews. I also took part in the discussions on the meaning of the song “HOTEL CALIFORNIA” by the Eagles. Though we never came to an agreement on the song, We concluded had to be about being trapped in one way or another. 

This week we also had a few discussions about each others work and also did some more planing in the completion of our project.


Lastly I would like to speak about How I think this assignment can be improved. It would be a much better assignment if the radio show was done live. I think That it would be a culmination of a lot of skills learned in the digital media program up to this point. I think by now most students would have an understanding of editing soft-ware. It seems to me at this point Most soft-ware for editing sound video or images works on all the same basic idea. assign a numerical value to what ever kind of media you are working on the apply sliders to move each frequency or color, or motion.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Audition

It would have also given a gimps into the world of engineering and program management. This I feel would be important due to the fact that the digital media producer is not just an artist. I have had a little experience due to an early project on radio.

spreaker radio broadcast

It would be a good for a team project in that one person can work on the sound and networking as the shows producer. A hand full of people could be the on air talent, and lastly one or more persons could be responsible for content curation. All of this sounds like a lot of work but for a group of three or more two weeks would be more than enough time to create a live radio program of at least an hour no problem.

While I am revealed that this weeks assignments or over I am excited to see what next weeks projects hold.


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I know its not a horror film, but come on. Robin Williams in a movie about radio, Its gotta be one of the greats.


At any rate I will carry on with this post.

#ds106… We are taking over 

This week we have been assigned a radio broadcast Mary, Nick, and Miranda, will be my radio mates on this adventure.  Though, Miranda is not physical in class with us I am sure she will prove to be a valuable asset to our team. During this weeks meetings we discussed the parameters of our broadcast as well as how each of us would contribute to the team. We then made a rough time line of how we thought the show would run.


So as you can see by the image I have volunteered to provide a commercial and some interviews of people telling story’s of experiences they have had with ghosts. I will also be having a discussion with one of my fellow group mates about what the meaning of the song “Hotel California” by The Eagles.

I Am going to have to brush up on my eagles lore. sounds like nick is pretty knowledgeable about the band. It will be a fun experience. I am also doing a commercial. I figured That I would help out a local band in town and create an advertisement. It would make the ad that much more meaningful of a message if it was a real one.

A Little Grunge 

This week I have also created a bumper sticker for the show. After viewing some more specific to our show bumper stickers  over at https://maewers.wordpress.com/2015/10/11/radio-show-progress-week-7/ , I may go back to the drawing board. As a matter of fact it seams that Mary continues to produce extremely creative and top rate work.


Next Week

For the next week I will work on the creation of the commercial I will also start developing a plan for The Hotel California discussion. I am of the opinion like many others that is is a song about drug addiction. though I will admit the I have devoted little if any time to finding the actual meaning of the song. I will also work on developing ad Show poster along with any assignment bank assignments that are prescribed.

week in review 9-27

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This week was a vary trying week. It became very complicated when I decided to lump all of my projects into one lump radio broadcast over a streaming sight called Spreaker. I think however it was fruitful endeavor. During the coarse of this week I ran into every problem imaginable from booking problems to software problems. I even had difficulty with hardware including microphones, interfaces and haha microphone stand problems.



Once this assignment was complete. I played it back and found that the sound quality for the show was terrible. immediately I started diagnosing the problem. The first problem that we encountered was to much gain on the mic and the second being that the mic was either to close or to far from the speakers.

The second assignment I would like to highlight is the assignment about a moon landing gone wrong. I thought this was a cool assignment, i always enjoy alternate reality type story’s.  I know that it was saposed to be if they had crashed, it would have been cool though if they had maybe some aliens come and pick them up or something of the sci fi nature. Most likely this is due to the audio background played on the track. I could imagine being there with them.



orsen wells

No turning back now

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For this post I decided to combine all the elements of the assignments into one large radio broadcast. I was un-able broadcast over the ds106 radio server. This was a difficult obstacle to overcome. We did it. Part of the difficulty was getting talent and songs for the show. I seemed to spend a few hours a day contacting bands and working out some trades to get a few interviews. The second part was technical. I had downloaded a program called “Playit” this was good software set up for radio dj’ing. however it lacked the plugin’s necessary  to be compatible with airtime. the second software I learned was MIXXX. this seemed to be designed more for actual dj work (mixing songs and such). We ended up creating our own radio station on a website called Spreaker. It was simple enough but I had to pay a 20 dollar fee to get the broadcasting software proprietary to the site. Here is a link to our broadcast