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End of week review 9-20-15

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This is my end of week review video. and also links to each of my assignments

This is a review of a few movies that I choose to view and comment on


this is my paranormal picture as well as a little write up video on the photo


Assignment bank: digital tool tutorial


Assignment bank: 20 sec radio ad


This is a video Ad that was not assigned but I made up my own assignment bank assignment


daily create:




this is my photo blitz assignment


these are my reflections as a photographer:



Photography The job that’s not work

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In this video I go over my experience and equipment I use as a photographer I give some of my personal thoughts on aspects of photography. I also show some of the pictures I have taken as well as a short description of.


The not review…review

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I felt that the movies used for this week were how you say done to death. In fact I am sure most of us have seen at least the shining and the ring a ton of times. We all know they are cinematic masterpieces and the way the story’s are told is brilliant. The ring for example fills one with a sense of in-excitability. ┬áThat being said I chose not to review them. I felt a little spiteful considering the requirement of 12 stars this week was slightly excessive and the curve ball of some outside movies might make me feel a little better. If my grade takes a hit I can live with that. Here are my reviews of two movies that I found much more horrifying.