Time to make a decision

Time to make a decision

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As Microsoft rolls out plans to add new features to is personal assistant program “Cortana,” I ask myself; How am I going to be able to balance privacy and convenience. According to PC MAGAZINE, Cortana will scan emails and remind you about commitments. This in itself sounds great. On any given day I send and receive dozens of emails. It can be hard to keep track of your correspondents. Imagine the days where you would have to do this over snail mail. Email is so much easier. This is where I see a looming problem. With the merry-go-round of privacy and internet legislation, not to mention hackers and marketers all screaming for your data, Is it really that good of an idea to so thoroughly catalog our entire life. I still contend that there are so many laws on the books that any one person in the U.S probably broke a law and didn’t even know it. As I write this I can feel the FBI peaking over my shoulder watching my key strokes…Ok maybe not. It is easy to get carried away with conspiracy theories, But, Ask yourself. I am i willing to relinquish any control of my privacy.

PC Magazine Cortana to scan email, remind you about Commitments

Also I thought this Comment on the article was pretty funny



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