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This weeks assignment was to gather 10 blogs of the given disciplines I would like to pursue professionally.  This in itsself is a complicated answer. My career plan is to escape the everyday 9 to 5 life. As much as I am a Conservative, it would be foolhardy to think the definition of work  in the modern day hasnt changed. The idea of travel and work going hand in hand hold a very heavy allure for me. I gathered the most prevalent blogs to my  current interests. This, however, can change at any time

The first two blogs I have listed are about overlanding. Overlanding loosely defined is traveling over land with heavy self reliance overtones. Most of the vehicles used in overlanding are Jeeps, Toyotas and many other 4×4 vehicle,s the purpose being to go way out into the wilderness. These two blogs  are really a set-up for how I want to structure my freelance dealings. 

Expedition Portal

The Adventure Blog

These next three blogs are the blogs of travel photographers. This is a skill set that I want to incorporate heavily into my freelance work.

Beers and Beans

ken kaminesky

Stuck In Customs

The second trio of blogs feature articles on how to work remotely, they are the nuts and bolts of freelance work untethered from a desk 

Six Revisions


Daily Blog Tips

These last two blogs are simply marketing blogs. I feel that it is important to keep up with marketing trends in the digital media industry. It will most likely be a daily part of our lives, marketing that is. 


Conversation Agent

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