Combat Action STICK

Combat Action STICK

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Creative Work

This assignment is to try and market a common stick you would find on the ground outside.

My first step would be to come up with a marketing plan to sell stick to boys in the 8-12 age group. The campaign would include “The Stick Combat Kit” it would come with a stick, a bandana, and a canteen. You could also get maybe a stick with a tube of camo face paint. The commercials and box art would include illustrations of stick in combat pants and boots carrying out covert operations. In order to get the word out about stick I would target youtube viewers of popular game streaming channels.

The second step I would take Is to release a Stick video game for cell phones and tablets. Different ideas for this game could include Stick first person shooter or maybe a turn based Stick combat game.

Lastly I would sponsor a few sporting events and even try and have a mascot a a major nfl football game to greet kids.

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