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That doesn’t belong there

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This week is mash-up week, and we are off. I would like to state for the record that the world of the internet we live in today is full of intellectual theft. As a photographer any time I give some one the right of use for any of my pictures I always give them the standard BS. “Don’t alter them, Don’t crop out my logo, If you can site me as the author.”  The mash-up is sort of a perversion of free speech. I do think that you should be able to use anyone’s work for education. I also feel the use of another’s work for criticism and press is vital to my love of liberty in this country. However, using other’s work for rebranding is unprofessional.

With that being said here we go with my first theft of intellect. for this project I use the assignment bank assignment called “this doesn’t belong here”

and here it is

the background image is Halle Berry and the foreground image is from mystery science theater 3000


the love of speed final

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This is the wrap up of the love of seed. This week I worked on final editing of the short. I used mostly Adobe Premier Pro cc. I had hoped to do a bunch of stuff in Adobe After Effects. My computer however, had different plans. I think this project was blast. My subject was interesting and the backdrop to the documentary was good looking. I had wished that I would be able to get better riding shots but time did not permit. Here is my short film I hope you enjoy

week in review 11-1-15

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This week, I will admit, was one of my favorite. We have been tasked with filming a documentary. My documentary is going to be called “The Love of Speed.” It is about a guy who as a teen had a bright future in the motocross world. Unfortunately, he broke his back and is forced to stay in a wheelchair. This has in no way hindered his love of speed. The only Complaint I have is that the film is only 2-4 minutes long. This greatly impacts the ability to effectively tell this story. That being said It has still been fun to work on it. So far I have put together a rough cut. I will also be adding some motion graphics and more effects to the riding portions of the mini documentary. In the mean time here are a few photos

mitchpull mtbsunset

Daily Creates 

For this weeks daily creates

I also did a third one however I am not very proud of it haha. Any way I cannot wait to show my documentary. Stay tuned

week in review Oct 25, 2015

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This week was an easy one. We were sort of left to our own devices. Most of my assignments revolved around design. I made a center fold advertisement, a Art piece and a poster using the likeness of my instructor, I hope he enjoy’s it.

Here is some of the weeks work and the links to go along


still bill poster

Here is a few links to the rest of my assignments


Center Fold Ad (4 stars)

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This is another design of my own creation. I have also submitted this assignment to ds106 to create a center fold ad. I thought I would create one for designers, Though maybe not all designers. I hope no one is offended, well scratch that I don’t really care. Any way here is my Ad.

Wind Tunnel 




Mimicry is the best form of flattery (5stars)

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This is an assignment of my own submission. I thought it would be cool to design my own work inspired by a tattoo artist that goes by the name XOIL

xoil3 xoil2 xoil one

I thought that mine turned out good. I still have my reservations about copying others work but, I felt that this work was to much fun to pass up. So with out further adue here is my Art piece



I have submitted the assignment to ds106 and am waiting for it to be approved.

the assignment title will be “Mimicry is the best form of flattery”


Still Bill (4 1/2 stars)

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For this assignment I decided to do one from the design bank. In the instructions it says to use a picture of Jim Groom. I thought it would be a little better though If I used my own instructor so here you go an movie poster using a picture of my  instructor Bill Genereux

still bill poster

Also here is a link to the assignment

orsen wells

With Out a Hitch

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This week we completed our radio show. It in my opinion it went off with out a hitch. I also think nick did a good job putting it all together. My part in all of this was to provide the interviews. I also took part in the discussions on the meaning of the song “HOTEL CALIFORNIA” by the Eagles. Though we never came to an agreement on the song, We concluded had to be about being trapped in one way or another. 

This week we also had a few discussions about each others work and also did some more planing in the completion of our project.


Lastly I would like to speak about How I think this assignment can be improved. It would be a much better assignment if the radio show was done live. I think That it would be a culmination of a lot of skills learned in the digital media program up to this point. I think by now most students would have an understanding of editing soft-ware. It seems to me at this point Most soft-ware for editing sound video or images works on all the same basic idea. assign a numerical value to what ever kind of media you are working on the apply sliders to move each frequency or color, or motion.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Audition

It would have also given a gimps into the world of engineering and program management. This I feel would be important due to the fact that the digital media producer is not just an artist. I have had a little experience due to an early project on radio.

spreaker radio broadcast

It would be a good for a team project in that one person can work on the sound and networking as the shows producer. A hand full of people could be the on air talent, and lastly one or more persons could be responsible for content curation. All of this sounds like a lot of work but for a group of three or more two weeks would be more than enough time to create a live radio program of at least an hour no problem.

While I am revealed that this weeks assignments or over I am excited to see what next weeks projects hold.


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I know its not a horror film, but come on. Robin Williams in a movie about radio, Its gotta be one of the greats.


At any rate I will carry on with this post.

#ds106… We are taking over 

This week we have been assigned a radio broadcast Mary, Nick, and Miranda, will be my radio mates on this adventure.  Though, Miranda is not physical in class with us I am sure she will prove to be a valuable asset to our team. During this weeks meetings we discussed the parameters of our broadcast as well as how each of us would contribute to the team. We then made a rough time line of how we thought the show would run.


So as you can see by the image I have volunteered to provide a commercial and some interviews of people telling story’s of experiences they have had with ghosts. I will also be having a discussion with one of my fellow group mates about what the meaning of the song “Hotel California” by The Eagles.

I Am going to have to brush up on my eagles lore. sounds like nick is pretty knowledgeable about the band. It will be a fun experience. I am also doing a commercial. I figured That I would help out a local band in town and create an advertisement. It would make the ad that much more meaningful of a message if it was a real one.

A Little Grunge 

This week I have also created a bumper sticker for the show. After viewing some more specific to our show bumper stickers  over at , I may go back to the drawing board. As a matter of fact it seams that Mary continues to produce extremely creative and top rate work.


Next Week

For the next week I will work on the creation of the commercial I will also start developing a plan for The Hotel California discussion. I am of the opinion like many others that is is a song about drug addiction. though I will admit the I have devoted little if any time to finding the actual meaning of the song. I will also work on developing ad Show poster along with any assignment bank assignments that are prescribed.

review for the week of 10-4-2015

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This week was a lot of work. The two assignments I would like to highlight are my website and also my info graphic. both I felt appropriate considering the week was about design. here are the links to my two assignments and also some images from the two assignments.