60 years of space travel


60 years of space travel

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Earlier this year Nasa released a trove of Mp3 audio from the Apollo and Challenger missions. Also the first American in space Alan Shepard made the maiden voyage to the outer atmosphere May 5, 1961. Also dominating the news these days is the mythical Elon Musk, whose space program SpaceX has begun re-landing launched rockets paving the way for two-way travel to mars and beyond. All of this Combined is the inspiration for This control panel style soundboard. The board was created in Adobe Animate cc and the sounds have been Gathered from Nasa’s website along with most of the images…I had to borrow a few from google…good thing this is a school project.
I hope you enjoy.

Click the link below to check out My Nasa SoundBoard .

Source: Nasa Sound Boardsoundboardvdone

The Life

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Took this a while back and forgot to upload it

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This weeks assignment was to gather 10 blogs of the given disciplines I would like to pursue professionally.  This in itsself is a complicated answer. My career plan is to escape the everyday 9 to 5 life. As much as I am a Conservative, it would be foolhardy to think the definition of work  in the modern day hasnt changed. The idea of travel and work going hand in hand hold a very heavy allure for me. I gathered the most prevalent blogs to my  current interests. This, however, can change at any time

The first two blogs I have listed are about overlanding. Overlanding loosely defined is traveling over land with heavy self reliance overtones. Most of the vehicles used in overlanding are Jeeps, Toyotas and many other 4×4 vehicle,s the purpose being to go way out into the wilderness. These two blogs  are really a set-up for how I want to structure my freelance dealings. 

Expedition Portal

The Adventure Blog

These next three blogs are the blogs of travel photographers. This is a skill set that I want to incorporate heavily into my freelance work.

Beers and Beans

ken kaminesky

Stuck In Customs

The second trio of blogs feature articles on how to work remotely, they are the nuts and bolts of freelance work untethered from a desk 

Six Revisions


Daily Blog Tips

These last two blogs are simply marketing blogs. I feel that it is important to keep up with marketing trends in the digital media industry. It will most likely be a daily part of our lives, marketing that is. 


Conversation Agent

Digital Nomads

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Image taken from the blog “A Little a Drift”

Today I will be writing about a subject near and dear to my heart, working from the road.  The article featured is written by a blogger by the name A Little a Drift. The premise of the article isn’t really a how to guide but a collection of articles about working in the Digital Media field while traveling here in the states and also abroad.

The author talks about visas in other countries, explaining that there can be some difficulties. The real problem the blog states is the amount of time a visa lasts, The blog also has a lengthy commentary on accepting payments in other countries and how to avoid looking like a guest overstaying their welcome.

The author mainly speaks, however, about having jobs lined up before you start traveling, It is also discussed in the article that having other avenues of income is an extremely good idea.


Built for life

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Podcasting isn’t a new phenomena, however, I feel for most of my generation or any generations it is still a novelty. I know most would argue “A novelty its just radio for the internet.” This may ring true for a hand full of podcast but for most it is simply more aligned with listening to the guy talk next to you at whatever hole in the wall bar you frequent. That being said I felt that This American Life podcast to me seemed well produced and more akin the a npr broadcast. Here are six observations about This American Life, staring Lindy West…I would also like to stat

The Podcast is produced by This American Life. They produce podcast weekly the collaborate heavily Chicago Public Media and The Public Radio Exchange. The podcast is broadcast on over 500 stations. and has three Emmys under their belt.

What creative techniques are used to attract and hold my attention?

This podcast heavily releys on a narrative structure. It also has very professional audio work done to create a captivating podcast. The format is pretty simple however, The podcast has a host that who does his bit to set up the guest’s

How might different people understand this program differently than me?

I felt that People might perceive this two different ways. One might listen to this and empathise with her about her story of harassment and the use of her dead father. The other might think that If she put her self out there on the internet loudly speaking here ideals there will be someone somewhere that will want to tear her down. I am of this camp. While I feel that it was terrible, her story. This is to be expected. I am in no way saying it is right just the simple reality of it. I don’t think others would see it like I do, I feel most would view it as a great wong and strongly empathise with here. I also don’t think that most would concentrate on the production techniques used.

What values, lifestyles and points of view are represented in, or omitted from, this program?

In this particular podcast presents a feminist point of view on comedy, It also talks about the lifestyle of a pop and social blogger.

Why was this program produced and broadcasted?

I feel that this program was produced to be a platform for people to tell the stories of their life. The website states that the programs intent is mostly journalistic with the occasional comedy routine and essay.


Combat Action STICK

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This assignment is to try and market a common stick you would find on the ground outside.

My first step would be to come up with a marketing plan to sell stick to boys in the 8-12 age group. The campaign would include “The Stick Combat Kit” it would come with a stick, a bandana, and a canteen. You could also get maybe a stick with a tube of camo face paint. The commercials and box art would include illustrations of stick in combat pants and boots carrying out covert operations. In order to get the word out about stick I would target youtube viewers of popular game streaming channels.

The second step I would take Is to release a Stick video game for cell phones and tablets. Different ideas for this game could include Stick first person shooter or maybe a turn based Stick combat game.

Lastly I would sponsor a few sporting events and even try and have a mascot a a major nfl football game to greet kids.

Outside The Box

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For this article. I choose to do not an article but a slideshow from the national geographic Traveler Magazine. What I liked about this slide show was how much skill it must have taken to get some of these images, not to mention the untold dollars spent on airfare, gear and camera equipment. This is a lesson a digital media student should consider, how much organization it takes to have a shoot at remote locations. It would be interesting to put to gather an exercise for a class to simulate the logistics of traveling to a foreign country to produce photos or video.

Travel 365: Best of November 2015

Digital Media Outside

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This week’s article is basicly a review of a few electronic outdoor devices, such as cameras and GPS units How? you ask does this pertain to digital media. Well if you are just going on the electronics outlined in the article then as a designer or programer a day might come where a customer may ask you to program or design a user interface for say a gps unit. The second products the magazine reviews is cameras. Where can you use cameras in the digital media world, well if you have to ask, you in the wrong line of work.

guide to the latest off-road electronic gadgets

Time to make a decision

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As Microsoft rolls out plans to add new features to is personal assistant program “Cortana,” I ask myself; How am I going to be able to balance privacy and convenience. According to PC MAGAZINE, Cortana will scan emails and remind you about commitments. This in itself sounds great. On any given day I send and receive dozens of emails. It can be hard to keep track of your correspondents. Imagine the days where you would have to do this over snail mail. Email is so much easier. This is where I see a looming problem. With the merry-go-round of privacy and internet legislation, not to mention hackers and marketers all screaming for your data, Is it really that good of an idea to so thoroughly catalog our entire life. I still contend that there are so many laws on the books that any one person in the U.S probably broke a law and didn’t even know it. As I write this I can feel the FBI peaking over my shoulder watching my key strokes…Ok maybe not. It is easy to get carried away with conspiracy theories, But, Ask yourself. I am i willing to relinquish any control of my privacy.

PC Magazine Cortana to scan email, remind you about Commitments

Also I thought this Comment on the article was pretty funny



And its here…Too soon I think

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Well this final project has been a doozy. My intent has been to build a portfolio site for my work done in the course of my school work and extra curricular activities. This will be a continually improving project I am hoping to be updating it at least once a month. The simple act of putting the site together I think hasn’t been the hard part. To complete this project I had to wrap up two websites, cut together a video highlight reel and scour through a terabyte of pictures to find the ones I deemed fit to represent my work. lastly putting together the website, I tried to go outside my comfort level and use a different design approach. I thought for this site I would try and use white space and large bold fonts. Here are a few screen shots of the site as well as the link to the website’s address.





the begining of the end

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This weeks marks the beginning of the final project. For this project I have chosen to build a proper portfolio site. This week however I have been working on finishing up a few other projects in order to feature them on my portfolio site. Here are a few screen shots of the website I am currently working on. The artist is named Interstate Steve, he is a west coast musician.

This is the homepage of the site

This is the homepage of the site

This is the media page featuring some pictures and videos

This is the media page featuring some pictures and videos


this is the store page

The last page. The store page I am having a difficult time figuring out how to link the downloadable file to the Paypal securely. I am sure I will figure it out

The next project currently in the works is a music video Here is a rough cut of it. I thought for this one I would try my had at some mild motion graphics, granted I have a long way to go before this is done it is put together OK for now. I will be posting it sometime this week.

Lastly my final project for the week. Have volunteered to help out with a podcast staring a few guys from the engeneering department. I have also set up some avenues to market. Incuding a logo design and facebook page


and lastly here is the logo we liked for METalk